My Porcelain Vessels dance gracefully between elegant and organic. Porcelain's translucent beauty allows me to create a fluidity in form and color that stretches the imagination and beckons to be held.

Each vessel starts as either a flat slab of clay or a wheel thrown bowl. I then shape, stretch and coax the clay to create each form. The vessels are then bisque fired to just over 1800 degrees F. When cool they are sanded and multiple layers of glaze are applied. Finally each piece is released to the uncertainty of the glaze kiln. Kissed by the fire my work emerges much as we emerge from our life experiences changed and individually unique.



The Artist's Art House Show

June 8

More info to come soon!

Los Altos, CA

Clay & Glass Festival

July 9th & 10th

Palo Alto Art Center

Embarcadero and Newell Road.

Palo Alto, CA



Santa Cruz Open Studios Art Tour

with Michael Singer fine woodworking

October 8th - 9th &15th - 16th

Felton, CA

Saratoga Rotary Art Show

April 30 & May 1

West Valley College, Saratoga CA


Santa Cruz Open Studios Art Tour

Mattie Leeds Studio

Santa Cruz, CA

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